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December 31, 2019


A Transformative Resolution

My Dear Friend,

     Like it or not, this is the day people all over the world reflect on the last year and resolve to make changes in the next. Christians, too, do this, even if some feel resolved to make no resolution.

     Christian, if you are pondering 2019 this morning and considering what you may resolve, or vow, or choose to make 2020 better, here's a suggestion. Resolve to focus on the best thing instead of the next thing.

     Creatures of hope, we are made to look forward to the next desirable thing we hope to experience. This isn't wrong or sinful but entirely natural and good. It helps spur us on through deep valleys, stormy seas, and long, dark nights.

     As Christians this "next thing" anticipation is enhanced because we have purposes in the will of God to obtain, precious promises from His Word to realize, and heartfelt prayers to see answered. All these are according to God's will, they bring Him glory, and they in some measure help build His eternal kingdom. Thus, it is His will that we look forward to them.

     But just here is the snare. Too often we become so focused on the next thing in God's will we forget, devalue, and ignore the best thing in His will: Himself! David encapsulated this truth for the ages in the Psalter: "In thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore" (Psalm 16:11).

     At some point in his wilderness wanderings David realized by the Holy Spirit's enlightenment that the best thing - the God with whom He visited daily in prayer, praise, Torah meditation, and worship - was a far great blessing than even the next things he hoped to receive from Him: rescue from terrible injustice, the vindication of his long-maligned name, the prophesied kingship of Israel, the chance to teach all Israel the spiritual ways of worship and living he had learned in his educative years of suffering. It was a transformative moment.

     And it led, we may be sure to the transformative resolution of Psalm 16:11. In whatever year David resolved this, I guarantee his next was better! David became a distinctly more content, peaceful, loving, God-centered man whose ministry to others became more powerful, timely, and transformative.

     From then on, when tempted to work up a fret (or envy) because of the next things he could not yet grasp (and perhaps others did), he quietly resolved to immerse and console his soul in the wonderful thing he had: the matchless joy and pleasure of seeking and finding God. The true God. The only God. The One from whom we came and to whom we will go. Every day. No matter what others thought of him. No matter how unfair, strange, hurtful, or inexplicable his circumstances.

     Thereafter, David continued to pray and hope for his heart's greatest desires while satisfying his heart's deepest needs with the best thing. Until, one day, he possessed both.

     My friend, be Davidic. Be resolved. Be transformed. Keep praying for and expecting the next things while satisfying yourself daily with the best thing. I guarantee, no, David guarantees, 2020 will be better.

Resolving now,

Greg Hinnant
Greg Hinnant Ministries

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