RevelationNotes – Testimonials

“The study of the Scriptures was never intended to solely be an intellectual exercise. Discovering the meaning of the text of scripture was always to be followed by ‘so what now?’ In other words, we are to think through how the text is to be manifested in our lives. Bible prophecy, including Revelation, was not designed to satisfy our curiosities, but to change the way we think, make choices and prioritize our lives TODAY. Greg Hinnant’s study, RevelationNotes, does a great job in answering ‘so what now?’ It would be a solid addition to anyone’s library. Anyone teaching and preaching the Book of Revelation and wanting to take it out of the realm of the theoretical will find this to be so very helpful.”
   Dr. Paul Benware
   Phoenix, Arizona

“Greg Hinnant always amazes me at the consistently good job he does writing. His books are well researched, outlined, and written in a clear and smooth reading style. I think this new work on the Book of Revelation may be the best that he has done. In many respects it is one of the very best books that I have seen come out on John’s revelation of the coming Christ.”
   Dr. Charles H. Gaulden, D.Min.
   Professor, Southeastern University

"For many people, the Book of Revelation is mysterious, confusing, and even scary. Because of this, many Christians simply avoid it. What a shame because the first five words of this book are, ‘The revelation of Jesus Christ!’ No book with that introduction can be anything but a message of hope, faith, and power. In his commentary, Greg Hinnant has given us a volume that is based
on solid biblical research using accepted sources, but which is also filled with strong Holy Spirit anointed insight and practical application. Both a beginner and a seasoned Bible student will benefit from RevelationNotes. It will be a reference that you will return to time and time again in your study of God’s Word.”
   Dr. Mike Chapman
   Professor, CLST-Global
   Church Revitalization Coordinator
   Tennessee Church of God

The Tribulation Story – Testimonials

“Without a doubt, people are sensing that our world is under the sway of biblical End-Times prophecies. Recent events have driven people to reconsider these ‘signs of the times’ and take a fresh look at what the Bible says regarding these events. In The Tribulation Story, Greg Hinnant’s passion and scholarship really shines. Many Christians today are woefully uneducated and ignorant of even basic eschatology and the relevance of its impact for our lives. I’m grateful Greg has produced a well-written and well-researched work for both those new to the faith and for veteran believers. I found it to be an excellent and accurate overview of the Book of Revelation. The Tribulation Story is inspiring, enlightening and most importantly, biblically sound. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in God’s plan for the ages!”
   Dr. Randal S. Langley, President / CEO
   Christian Life School of Theology Global

The Tribulation Story is a unique chronology of the events prophesied in the Book of Revelation. Greg Hinnant has not only given us a book of in-depth information, he has given us a book of deep Holy Spirit revelation that carries life-changing impartation! It is impossible for anyone, Christian or non-Christian, to read this amazing work and not experience a deep emotional reaction and spiritual resonance in their heart. It will ‘connect the dots’ for many people who have never really understood the Book of Revelation before.”
   Dr. John Shiver
   John Shiver Ministries

The Tribulation Story vividly details the horrors of the coming Tribulation period. It is not only based on the Book of Revelation, but also makes extensive use of Old and New Testament Scriptures, including those of many prophets who foresaw this coming time. Jesus challenged Christians to be wise, worthy, watching, faithful, and ready at all times for His return. This book encourages us to learn to more persistently overcome our smaller ‘tribulations’—with God’s grace—in order to be ready to be raptured away to heaven and thereby avoid the Tribulation.”
   Dr. Ernst Lutz, Ph.D.

"Your devotional book Not by Bread Alone has consistently lifted up my soul every morning ... It has been read, re-read and re-read over and over again. I would be very grateful if you could humbly send me the other two, Water from the Rock and Sweeter than Honey."
   Emmanuel Antwi-Boasiako
   Bibiani, Ghana

Thanks so much for the articles – they're…always right on target! We so value your writing, and it's a wonderful privilege to have your material available for Prepare the Way.”
   John Gardiner, Editor
   Prepare The Way Magazine, South Africa

“So glad to get your great messages. They do give me help and good inspiration to carry on and let my light shine for Jesus!”
   Pastor Bill Lucas

“Words fail me to express how much the Lord spoke to me through this book (Spiritual Truths for Overcoming Adversity) and comforted me and strengthened me and guided me to withstand my sufferings and adversities.”
   Evangeline Spurgeon

“Geri gave my husband and me one of your newsletters to read. I couldn't put it down once I started. It is hard to find any pastor, teacher, preacher, evangelist, etc., who is right on any more, but you are right on.”
   Mrs. Maria Nolan
   Denver, Colorado

“Very much thanks to you for…all the monthly teachings. I cannot simply tell what these wonderful teachings have done for me as a Christian.”
   Seth Asamoah
   Ghana, West Africa

“Firstly may I thank you for your amazing books. They have been life-changing. I pray God give you world-wide doors of opportunity for this timely word to be shared. May I please subscribe to your offer of Bible messages.”
   Angelique Du Toit, Conference Speaker
   South Africa

“How I look forward to your messages each month! They are always informative, challenging, convicting, and a great blessing. They not only bless me, but they are also a blessing to my patients with whom I share some of them…Thanks so very much for your dedication to the Lord, your love of the Word, and your ministry to us all”
   Dr. Sara Griggs, Ed.D, Christian Counselor
   North Carolina

“I want to thank you for the copy of your new book (Walking in His Ways)…The systematic flow of teaching without fluff is some of the best I’ve seen in modern stuff. I love it. It is a solid rightly dividing of the word of truth.”
   Pastor Dave Hackett
   New York

“Your book (Walking in His Ways) is a needed one, one that needs to be used and studied in Bible studies all across America.”
   Cathering J. Barrier, professor, writer, editor
   New Jersey

“I receive your wonderful teachings each month, and want to continue to do so. I get so inspired from reading all of the Bible truths that are found in each lesson.”
   Mrs. Alice Miller

“I recently read your book Walking on Water, and I must say it is one of the best books I have ever read. I just wish I had had it to read years ago when I first became a Christian…I would like to receive your monthly Bible message please.”
   Ms. Treasure Uhlman

“Liz Brooks sent me her copy of Walking in His Ways. What an amazing book, and how insightful it is! Thank you for such a quality book which has confirmed so much in my life and has been deeply encouraging and life-changing.”
    Mrs. Diana Dottridge
   South Africa

“This book (Walking on Water) is one of the best I have ever read…I would also like to have your other book, Walking in His Ways…I receive much through your writing…I would like to have your permission to preach every chapter of the book, Walking on Water…it’s great.”
   Rev. Bill Bateman

“I am a Polish missionary working among Polish people in Lithuania (Europe). I am from Polish Pentecostal Union. I have your book Walking in His Ways. Big thanks for it. It is good to have principles of biblical discipleship in one book. I think it will help me and others to grow up as a Christian.”
   Arek Jurgielajtis

“Your books have impacted my life…all the books I have read over the years have not come close to speaking to my heart and mind as have yours. Thank you profoundly.”
   Lydia Koleba
   Courtenay, British Columbia Canada

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