"Brethren, I have written a letter unto you" (Hebrews 13:22).

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September 21, 2020


Destiny-Determining Decisions


My Dear Friend,

      In my good friend John Shiver's wonderful book, Discoveries in Ministry, he states, "In the moment when things look as though they cannot get any worse, it could be that this is the moment of destiny when the true character and content of our hearts' resolve will be manifested."

     Are you there today? In a very low place? Faced with a destiny-determining decision?

     These crucial moments do not come every day but rather just a few times in our lives. Remember in these rare moments to put faithfulness to God and His present calling on your life first, before any other desire or interest or claim upon your life. Even if you risk rejection, loss, suffering, or apparent failure, be obedient to God and His call. And trust Him to take care of all the consequences of your obedience to His will.

     The great characters of the Bible all came to these crucial moments and made the right decision.

     Ruth decided to stay loyal to Naomi and her God even when it meant leaving her country forever to go to a land she had never been to before. Abraham chose to sacrifice Isaac, because God had explicitly said to do so, and trusted that God, somehow, would raise him from the dead to fulfill his solemn promise (Hebrews 11:17–19). Esther chose to risk her life by entering Xerxes' court uninvited because it was necessary to save her people from Haman's impending death order.

     These were the decisions that determined the greatness of their destinies in God. We remember their names, admire their characters, and follow their ways, all because of these crucial, pivotal decisions. In making these choices they forged great faith – utter confidence in God's unfailing faithfulness to His Word regardless of supporting or contradicting evidences. They also snapped the bonds of the things of this world that had previously held them back from complete commitment, total consecration, and full, Christlike, sacrificial obedience. What costly decision do you face today?

     Whatever it is, choose the path of trust in God and obedience to His will at all costs. That is how God forges deep, godly character in us and fits us to fulfill our destinies in Christ to minister strong comfort, clarifying enlightenment, and sure hope to His troubled, confused people in these dark last days.

     Jesus will soon revive His church. And in the coming revival all His people will be not only blessed but also faced with key character-building decisions. When He visits us, will He find that you have already made your own destiny-determining decision? And that you are ready to help others do so?

Making my crucial choices,

Greg Hinnant
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