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November 11, 2019


Healed by Obedience

My Dear Friend,

     Mark 2:11 reveals sometimes Jesus didn't just divinely heal folks but instead instructed them how to receive healing. “Arise,” “take up” your bed, and “go thy way.”

     So, Jesus' plan was for this man to participate in his own healing process. If he refused to rise and take up his bed and start walking home, he would have remained crippled, despite the radical means his four friends had taken to get him to Jesus - breaking up the roof over Jesus' head and lowering the man before Him for ministry (Mark 2:3-4). If, on the other hand, he obeyed the Healer, he would have his healing. And a new way of life!

     This man's healing, therefore, was more than a divine miracle. It was a cooperative effort: Jesus supplied the divine power and the man the human response of submissive, trusting obedience. Then he went forth into a wonderful new life he had never known, no longer weak and stationary but now mobile, healthy, active, energetic, fulfilling.

     How do we respond when by the Holy Spirit’s gentle but persistent prompts Christ instructs us how to be healed from physical or other problems?

     For instance, “Stop smoking and your breathing will improve.” “Stop indulging in sweet drinks and deserts and your diabetes will drastically improve.” “Stop taking drugs and you body will feel normal again.” "Eat less and move more, and you will lose weight, gain energy, and feel good about yourself."

     Or, “Start attending church regularly and studying your Bible daily and your anxiety will be healed and my peace that passes understanding imparted.” “Start rising early to thank and worship me, and pray often throughout your day, and I will heal the confusion in your home or work or church and cause you to thrive in my blessing.”

     Or, “Begin giving and I will bless your finances.” “Stop speaking so sharply to people and being so quick to take offense and I will heal your loneliness and bring you new friends.” “Abandon your secret sin and I will heal your carnality and give you access to the fullness of my presence - the only place where you can find and enjoy the 'fullness of joy' (Psalms 16:11).”

     Famously and still compassionate, Jesus is by His Spirit whispering instructions like this to us all day long, but how many of us are responding? Why stay sick when you can be well? Follow the paralytic’s example by following Christ’s instructions for healing. In brief, they are:

     “ARISE” - Rise up to stand, upright and stable, in your own faith in My nature, Spirit, and strength. Instead of being a burden to others, you will now be a blessing to others.

     “TAKE UP YOUR BED” - Dispense with the things you formerly used to try to find heart rest and peace of mind without letting Me be the center of your life. By seeking Me "first" You will find soul rest daily in Me and will never again need your old "beds" (cf. Matthew 6:33; 11:28-30).

     “GO THY WAY” - Begin to "go" spiritually, moving forward daily in a living, spiritually exciting walk and work with Me in the "way," or life path, I marked out for you before I created the world.

     There it is! But we are funny creatures, aren't we? Sometimes we want healing without obedience. Or worse, while we full well intend to continue our self-opposing disobedience or even increase it! But in Mark's account Christ has nevertheless set before us another way of healing. His way. Healing by obedience!

     Let's be simple, humble, childlike, and take it, as the paralytic did. And go forth to enjoy a wonderful new life we have never known.

Rising, taking, going,

Greg Hinnant
Greg Hinnant Ministries

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