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January 27, 2020


Heaven-Sent Revival

My Dear Friend,

     Spiritual revival awakens us from the sleep of sin and indifference to God. It re-vives, or "re-lifes," us, restoring vibrant spiritual life, energy, desire, faith, love, and hope after sinful and selfish living - living for this world alone - has left us spiritually dead, or cut us off from personal touch with God.

     Sometimes we try to induce revivals. We hold nightly church meetings for a week, perhaps two, hoping to stir the Spirit in us by an extra dose of singing, prayer, testimony, teaching, and fellowship. This is usually helpful and God blesses it. But the effects of these revivals often soon dissipate. As always, God's faithfulness is sufficient.

     He graciously offers us another kind of revival, one not humanly but divinely induced, one that comes not by our power but God's, one that is not natural but supernatural, one that lasts not for a few weeks but a lifetime! This is heaven-sent revival.

     Heaven-sent revival is always marked by six C's: conviction, compassion, confidence, commitment, conformity, and consummation.

     The first mark that the genuine Holy Spirit is present in power is, when souls hear the gospel, they become convicted of their sins against God and other people. So gripping, so inescapable, is this conviction that they must do something about it – come to Jesus for confession and forgiveness and, wherever possible, make things right with those they have wronged.

     Second, people are overwhelmed and broken and shed hot tears over Jesus' unspeakably loving compassion - as they observe Him redeeming broken lives, giving hope to despairing hearts, healing sick bodies, reconciling bitterly divided people, including Christians, ministers, and churches. How can they not believe on and come to such an awesomely powerful and tenderhearted Savior?

     Third, by God's grace these convicted ones receive new confidence - not self-confidence but Christ-confidence. They spontaneously believe Christ is the Son of the living God and trust Him for forgiveness, a fresh start in this life, and a gift and calling with which to help build His eternal kingdom.

     Fourth, after receiving a new birth and Spirit from Jesus, these joyfully respond by committing all their remaining days to please, and obey the Word and will, of this One who has so compassionately and powerfully given them a new heart, a new life, a new purpose! So strong is this commitment that it holds them stead and close to Jesus through all kinds of tests - sudden, long, bitter, sacrificial!

     Fifth, they surrender to the Holy Spirit's work in them day by day so He may conform them to the image of their Savior – in their thinking, attitudes, motives, mercy, faithfulness, and ministry. A new passion to be like Him takes hold.

     Sixth, they set their hearts on the consummation of His purpose – that through seeking, study, worship, and obedience they come to know Him intimately and finish their ministry and commission on earth, all while waiting the indescribably rapturous moment when He will appear to take them home to be with Him forever!

     When these six C's are present, so is heaven-sent revival. No doubt about it! When they are not, something less, something other, something not New Testament, however religious, or well intended, is masquerading as a true revival of the body of Christ. It's time to pray.

     "O come, Lord Jesus, do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Breathe new life into our dry bones, discouraged churches, and confused nations. Nothing else will do."


Greg Hinnant
Greg Hinnant Ministries

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