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January 20, 2020


How to Hear God's Voice

My Dear Friend,

     Do you want to be close enough to Christ to discern (a) He is speaking, (b) He is speaking to you, and (c) what He is saying and how it applies to your immediate spiritual condition or circumstances? It's yours for the taking - if you desire it strongly enough to qualify. Here's a course survey of Communication With Christ 101.

     First, be a born-again Christian (John 3). The heavenly Father speaks to all His born-again children. When we receive Jesus' nature into our hearts, with that nature we also receive inner spiritual "ear[s]" to "hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches" (Revelation 3:22). And God wouldn't give us these inner ears if He didn't want to speak to us. Directly. Personally. By His all-knowing Spirit. Through His living Word.

     Second, ask for the full anointing and aid of the Holy Spirit. Christ personally appointed the Holy Spirit to develop your relationship with Him, teaching, guiding, correcting, and comforting you till you're in Christ's presence. The Spirit alone brings God's voice to you, usually by quickening portions of God's Word to your heart. If you reject the Spirit, or discount His work in your life, you will not hear God's voice, even though He is speaking to you.

     Third, trust God's faithful love, praise and worship Him often, thank Him in every situation, pray without ceasing, feed on and study His Word daily, and obey His Word, call, and guidance at every opportunity. This humble dependency, this frequent drawing near, this surrendered, trusting obedience establishes a close union and with it clear line of communication between you and your Lord.

     Fourth, should sin or disobedience occur in your thoughts, words, or deeds, immediately confess it as "sin" to Christ and ask His forgiveness and cleansing according to His promise (1 John 1:9 - 2:1). Believe He faithfully, immediately grants it. Then get back to your walk with Him. This keeps the line of communication open and operable.

     Then you're ready for Christ's communications - the same "still, small voice" Elijah heard - to become a quiet, hidden but very real and vital part of your daily walk with Jesus.

     Whenever we draw near Him, but especially when we need to hear from Him, He will speak. His voice will come in a variety of ways and places: in Bible reading or study; during a sermon or teaching; as you read a book; as you listen to testimonies or confessions; while you're at work; when difficult circumcumstances visit; during prayer, worship, or praise; as you walk or travel; in dreams or visions; or in other ways.

     But always His message will be soundly biblical, plainly fit your situation, convict or encourage, spur holiness, redirect to righteousness, draw you closer to Jesus, call you to diligence and vigilance, bring peace when obeyed, clarify confusing problems, and never contradict Scripture.

     David Wilkerson will now instruct us: "I am convinced God speaks only to those who discipline themselves to 'come and stand by Him,' just as Moses did. This means we have to spend quality time with the Lord daily - waiting on Him to open our hearts fully to hear His voice. He will not keep anything from us - and He will never allow us to be deceived or left in confusion. Even in the most difficult times, we will enjoy a time of great rejoicing - because He will reveal Himself to us as never before." Don't believe that God speaks so clearly and directly to His children today?

     Read the Acts and tell me with a straight face God doesn't speak to His children. Read church history, or the biography of any of the great pastors, reformers, revivalists, missionaries, or devoted followers of Christ and tell me God did not speak to them. Ponder the recurring perplexities and needs of your life and tell me you don't need God to speak to you. If you answer these questions honestly, "God does speak to His children and I need Him to speak to me," you're ready to learn how to hear God's voice.

     May I suggest that if you will just qualify - persistently following the simple but biblical and effective instructions above - God will graciously and faithfully grant your heart's desire. When Christ speaks, you will discern it. You will recognize He is speaking personally to you. You will understand precisely what He is saying. And you will know exactly how He wants you to respond.


Greg Hinnant
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