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October 7, 2019


Is Jesus in The House?

My Dear Friend,

     After a period of ministry in the Galilean wilderness (Mark 1:45), Jesus returned to His headquarters in “the house” (His rented house, or Peter's home) in Capernaum (2:1). Quickly the report went out that “he was in the house.”

     What a report! “Jesus is in this house, or that church, or a conference center, or an auditorium in our city. Come quick!”

     Is Christ’s presence so strong, is His teaching so clear, is His compassion on such display, are His works being so truly seen, that it can be said of our church house, “Jesus is in the house.” Or, “Jesus’ presence, Spirit, and ministry have broken out there.” Or, “We found Jesus there in the gripping preaching or teaching, the Spirit-led counsel, the flowing worship, or the sweet fellowship”?

     Pastors and people of the churches, let us make this our ambition. Let us desire to so humbly seek Jesus, to so completely trust Him, to so diligently study and expound His Word, to so joyfully obey it, to so quickly follow the Spirit’s guidance, to so gladly obey His conviction and correction, to so ardently look for His coming, to so passionately worship Him in Spirit and truth, to so sincerely implore Him to come down, that Jesus visits our churches regularly to convict, turn, bless, reconcile, deliver, and heal sinners and saints. And every meeting becomes a God encounter.

     And so people all around will say, “Jesus is in that house!” And come. And receive Him. And learn of His Word. And walk in His ways. And receive His life-changing ministry. Until He lives and moves and has His way in their house!

     One things is sure: if we get our houses in His order, He will order His Spirit to fill our houses! (See Acts 1:14 and 2:1-4.)

Getting my house in His order,

Greg Hinnant
Greg Hinnant Ministries

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