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December 16, 2019


Need Personal Reviving ?

My Dear Friend,

     In the ebb and flow of the typical Christian life we sometimes sense we are getting low in spiritual energy and becoming spiritually lethargic, lukewarm, even cold! Then the light comes.

     "I need to be revived!" This brings us to the question at hand: how may I put myself in a position or condition in which God can revive me? Let's explore our biblical options.

     We may ask the Father in the Son's name for the Spirit's refreshing. Sure, that's biblical, basic, and bound to help. This alone may bring our answer. I knew a gifted minister who frequently prayed, "Life me [give me life]!" and, never failing to receive an answer, ministered many life-giving truths to God's people for many years.

     Or, we may increase fellowship with spiritually minded, Christ-seeking believers. This, too, is a sure solution. Fellowship was one of the pillars of the early church: "And they continued steadfastly in . . . fellowship" (Acts 2:42). Iron sharpens iron and believers edify believers whenever we engage in God-centered conversations - or telephone calls, emails, texts, or even Facebook messages!

     Also, we may give ourselves much more to prayer. Anyone bathed in sustained prayer in the holy One's presence, if surrendered and obedient, is sure to experience cleansing, refilling, and an inspired fresh start.

     Or, we may praise and worship God more. God loves to be loved and ever draws near to "inhabit the praises" of His worshiper-lovers and reinvigorate them with more of Himself, His love, His Spirit, and His power (Psalm 22:3).

     Additionally, we may walk in love more, especially toward fellow believers. Obeying this prime command of Christ (John 13:34-35) pleases Him, which always moves Him to please us - by reviving us, as we so urgently need and humbly ask.

     But there's one more sure way to resume living powerfully in Christ and David points us to it in Psalm 19:7: "The law [instruction, Word] of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul"; or, "reviving the soul" (NLT); or, "reviving life" (Moffatt). He counsels us to consider the surprising reviving effects - a supernatural infusion of overcoming strength, unshakable stability, inspiring insights, and devotional stirrings - of quiet Bible meditation and obedience. Here's a solution so simple we often overlook it.

     But remember, this issue is not a multiple choice test - choose one correct answer among the false. All of the above paths faithfully lead to personal spiritual restoration and life more abundant and all should be taken.

     But let us particularly remember the simplest one: get back into God's Word! And stay there, making time for unhurried, prayerful, thoughtful Bible reading and Bible study. Every day! Why?

     King David, Israel's greatest king, bravest warrior, and sweetest psalmist, highly recommends it. And since his advice is in the Bible it's really God's! So, who among us would dare dismiss or argue against His inspired advice?

Getting Back Into God's Word,

Greg Hinnant
Greg Hinnant Ministries

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