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May 25, 2020


Please Please and Be Pleased !

My Dear Friend,

     Our title expresses succinctly what David teaches us in Psalm 40. Let me explain.

     During David's "horrible pit" test - fleeing for his life in the Judean wilderness from the murderous pursuit of King Saul and his men ten long years - David learned a key lesson.

     Instead of living to see Saul displeased - humiliated and punished for cruelly mistreating him - David chose to live to see God pleased: "I delight to do thy will, O my God" (Psalm 40:8); or, "I love pleasing You!" It was a pivotal moment.

     Suddenly, the dark gloom of his despair-filled days was flooded by brilliant light, and hope replaced hopelessness. Instead of looking back on his distresses, David began looking forward to his destiny - "to do thy will, O my God." That became his sole duty and delight … and all fretting about his still-hostile, -deadly, -pursuing enemy evaporated.

     Still in the same circumstantial setting - a "horrible pit" - David's decision put him in an entirely new spiritual condition. Life was the same but, suddenly, he was different.

      Instead of slipping and falling frequently on "miry clay" (v. 2), David's feet now were "set upon a rock" - firm, sure, unmovable, faithful. Instead of not knowing what to do and thus wandering aimlessly, his "goings" were now "established" - he knew where he was and saw a clear course, the will of God, set before him (v. 2).

     Still more, God gave David a praising, worshipful heart. Now his innermost being, formerly silent, stifled, and vexed with strife, flowed with the beautiful melodies and devotional verses of inspired songs of worship. Suddenly, from his hellish pit arose a heavenly song - uplifting, lightening, inspiring, transforming. And he wrote, "He hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God" (v. 3).

     Not finished yet, God gave David a new hope: "many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the Lord" (v. 4). Because David had chosen to please Him, God would see to it that "many" tested ones learned of David's "horrible pit" experience and pivotal decision to live only to please Him. "Seeing" his experience, they would then "fear" the Lord themselves - standing in awe, believing, obeying, and worshiping David's God. And, following David's footsteps in faith, they would "trust in the Lord" in their own "horrible pits" of trouble, injustice, humiliation, or persecution.

     How pleasing this must have been to David, humanly speaking. How gratified, blessed, and satiated with peace his heart was, to know God was pleased with him and would make his life a guiding parable to many. Thus, because David pleased God, God pleased David - deeply, sweetly, forever!

     And one of those following David's way was our Lord! The writer to the Hebrews said David's words were actually the spirit of prophecy predicting Christ's God-pleasing heart (Hebrews 10:5-9). He, too, cried, "Father, I love pleasing you!" - and nothing His enemies did, including turning His nation, hometown, family, and even one of His own disciples against Him, could steal His joy or stop His destiny! So much for Bible learning.

     It's time for Bible living. Ready? Say with me, "Lord, I love pleasing You!" Every time your carnal nature wishes to see your mean-spirited antagonists displeased, banish the thought, and refocus: "Lord, I love pleasing you!" Then pray He will give your antagonists repentance, and prepare your heart to reconcile the moment it becomes possible.

     Meanwhile, please God by "do[ing] His will" (Psalm 40:8)! Obey the Scriptures - it all begins here and nothing will compensate for not obeying Scripture. Obey God's call on your life. Obey the Holy Spirit's guidance - His conviction of sin, prompts, checks, warnings. Obey Christ's new commandment to love Christians with a special love - especially those nearest you. Persist in this obedience daily, whether God does or does not openly show His approval.

     By faith, know that while you obey God, you're pleasing Him, just as David did, and Christ. By faith, hear Him speaking quietly in your heart the most pleasing words mortal souls have ever perceived: "Well done, thou good and faithful servant" (Matthew 25:21, 23). Then persist in this life walk - pleasing Him and being pleased by Him. And watch your upside down world right itself.

     Your "I'm in a horrible pit" mentality will evaporate and an "I have a great opportunity to overcome" outlook will arise. Instead of slipping and falling at the least temptation, as you did in your "miry clay" life, you will now stand on the "rock" - firmly planted on the unfailing faithfulness of Jesus. Your fruitless wanderings will end and your ways will become "established," or settled in a new, steady, fruitful routine of service. Instead of being known for your sighing, you'll now become known for your singing; your old songs of self-pity and unbelief will fade and a "new song" of undiluted praise for God will flow from your lips daily.

     O yes, there's more. Deeply pleased, God will see to it that "many" will see this, the new you - now fully established in Christlike thinking, biblical obedience, and an overcoming lifestyle, despite your "horrible pit." And they, too, will stand in awe of Him and trust Him in their own character-building adversities. Why?

     One day - will it be today? - you chose to forget about God displeasing your adversaries and focus instead on delighting the Lord and being delighted by Him. From this moment forward, please please and be pleased!

Pleasing Him,

Greg Hinnant
Greg Hinnant Ministries

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