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December 2, 2019


The Churchgoer's Chant

My Dear Friend,

     Every time you darken the door of your church for worship and Bible teaching, pause. As you enter, meditate on and repeat this mantra:

            Ready to Worship,

            Ready to Learn,

            Ready to Change,

            Ready to Do Your Will!

     If unwilling to confess this, I suggest you stay home. Why?

     If I only want to tepidly participate in praise and worship, be entertained by excellent biblical exposition, and be stirred by exciting preaching, but I'm not interested in extensive inward and outward changes in my life or ready to let go of my life goals to seek and do God's will for my life, whatever it may cost and wherever it may take me, I have no real business in the house of God. Why?

     I'm just playing at religion, not pursuing the Redeemer. I'm still living by my will not God's Word. I'm interested in Jesus facts but not a Jesus encounter. I'm fascinated with Him, but at a distance, and not really interested in letting Him get up close and personal. I'll draw near Him when I feel I need His supernatural assistance or comfort but I'm not ready to let Him draw near, come in, and cleanse and use my bodily temple as He pleases. Worship and learn weekly, sure! Change and do His will daily, I don't think so!

     But if spoken from the heart, the above mantra will help us remember the primary purpose of our gathering together unto Him. Our religious "services" will cease and be replaced by transformative encounters with the heavenly Potter, Blacksmith, and Refiner of silver and gold. We will arrive at church in one condition and leave in another - divinely taught, corrected, altered, made more like Christ. And there is another benefit.

     When God hears the churchgoer's chant on our lips, it will get His attention and win His favor. He is searching the world over for believers who seek to be not only fully informed but also fully transformed - students of His Word who are becoming samples of His way. They will receive His gifts, power, and call to service in these last days.

     Now is the time to consider this and make the right decision. Why? Jesus is coming soon for a body of believers and churches who are "ready" to not only worship and learn but also to change and do His will.

     Why not say with me now, in His hearing, "Ready to Worship, Ready to Learn, Ready to Change, Ready to do Your Will!"


Greg Hinnant
Greg Hinnant Ministries

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