"Brethren, I have written a letter unto you" (Hebrews 13:22).

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November 16, 2020

The Courageous and The Cowardly

My Dear Friend,

      A cowardly Christian and a courageous Christian both stood at the same crossroads. But they did not make the same decisions.

     The coward chose the easy way, the courageous the right way. The coward chose the way everyone would understand, the courageous the way Christ would approve.

     The coward chose the way the majority were walking, the courageous the way the faithful minority - Christ's true disciples - were walking. The coward chose the way that was best for the moment, the courageous the way that was right for eternity.

     The coward chose the way that would keep him out of trouble, the courageous the way that would please Christ, even if that meant trouble. The coward chose the way that brings inescapable inner guilt and regret, the courageous the way that enables him to enjoy inner peace and sleep well even in the worst and longest distresses.

     The coward evaded many a test, the courageous overcame many. The coward knew what he should do but would not do it, the courageous would not let anyone or anything keep him from doing what he knew he should.

     The coward retained people's praise, the courageous one Christ's approval. The coward became weaker, more double-minded, and more confused, the courageous grew more confident, single-minded, and bold!

     The coward became more like Pilate, the courageous like Christ. The coward held on to his position, possessions, and reputation, the courageous suffered losses and slander - but was raised and restored to greater influence in God's time and way.

     The coward increasingly lost his spiritual discernment and hearing, the courageous' hearing grew stronger and his discernment sharper. The coward lost what intimate fellowship with Christ he had, the courageous grew closer and enjoyed more of Christ's presence, favor, guidance, and insight into His Word.

     The Lord set aside the cowardly as savorless salt, but gave the courageous new gifts and ministries with which to serve Him. The coward was found sleeping and unprepared when his Lord came - and was left behind! The courageous was found ready, watching, worthy, wise, and faithful - and was taken!

     At your crossroads today? Remember you are forging a path and destiny for yourself by your decisions. Your lasting joy or grief is on the line. Your ability to bless or hinder others is at stake. Every decision makes you more courageous or cowardly. So, follow your heart, not your fears. Follow God's Word, not the counsel of cowards. Obey your Spirit-illuminated conscience, not your fear-tainted reasonings. Make the right decision: be courageous!

Making the right decision,

Greg Hinnant
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