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May 18, 2020


When God Is On The Move !

My Dear Friend,

     When God was on the move, intervening to bring Israel out of Egypt, His people were His "sanctuary" (Psalm 114:2). He manifested among them in His full, radiant glory. And, suddenly, previously impassable barriers were removed. The psalmist recalls, "The sea saw it, and fled; the Jordan was driven back" (v. 3). Why?

     God's manifest presence! Reflecting on this, the psalmist calls out to all earth's inhabitants: "Tremble, thou earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob" (v. 7). What a sight it was, the Glory of the one, true omnipotent Creator-God, abiding constantly over Israel's encampment, shepherding them to safe resting places, leading them as they marched, showing them when to move, showing them when and where to camp, giving reassurance by day and light and warmth by night, and affording them an unbreachable defense against all enemies, Gentile or demonic.

     Oh, how intimidating - and convincing and converting - this sight must have been, a vast people with not mere theology, programs, scholars, or rituals but God living among them, visibly, undeniably, constantly! This awe-inspiring sight, sadly, seems to have never happened again in such wondrous fullness.

     But wait, what's this? I see another wondrous sight in biblical history of the same magnitude! Pentecost! (See Acts 2-5.)

     There, too, God manifested as tongues of fire and the sound of a mighty wind! There, too, miracles flowed whenever needed! There, too, impassable barriers fell - and the gospel marched on, through Jerusalem, through Judea, through Samaria, through Antioch, to the uttermost parts of the mighty Roman empire!

     There, too, God shepherded His people - feeding them through the apostles' teaching, watering them with fresh outpourings of His Spirit, laying His rod upon Ananias and Sapphira, delivering Peter from impending execution, and guiding Paul and Barnabas, and many others, on the missions to which He had called them. And this wasn't even Pentecost's best blessing. What was that?

     God's presence! Oh, how God manifested among those simple, believing, utterly committed first believers! Visions became visitations. Dreams were actualized before the dreamers' eyes. Scriptural promises were fulfilled. Prayer petitions were answered openly and regularly. Genuine prophets and prophecies were confirmed. Inspired messages flowed nonstop from God's heart to His people's hearts through their ministers' hearts - Spirit-inspired expositions, homilies, counsels, and prophecies. There was no rational explanation for it. It was simply miraculous: God lived among them. He walked with them. He talked to them. And they heard His still, small voice - always biblical, sound, safe, and sure - and followed it!

     He provided for them always - and they lovingly shared what they had with the needy ones among them. He blessed their table fellowship - and it was sweet, heavenly, holy, and always strengthening. He gave them boldness - and their public witness was fearless, frank, and compelling. He manifested among them daily - not in a pillar of cloud and fire, but in a supernaturally empowering river of imperturbable peace, irrepressible joy, biblical insight, Godlike graciousness and, yes, Christlike signs and wonders, all attesting to His presence, His approval, and His validation of their message of His salvation and kingdom. And He has never changed.

     Therefore, this is still what happens when God is on the move. And history shows, again and again, what moves Him: the persistent prayers of His committed servants. Let us, then, humbly review our hearts and lives, surrender afresh, recommit ourselves to Christ, and pray petitions that will prompt Him to rise and be on the move, again, among us:

     "O Lord, this is what we need, this is what we ask, this is what we choose to believe you for. Come again and move among us, Lord, in power. Make us, yes, us in this troubled nation and neopagan, pandemic-plagued world, a people we have never been in our lifetimes. Make us a vast people with not mere theology, programs, scholars, or rituals but You living among us, visibly, undeniably, constantly! May this be, again, a wonder that convinces and converts many, 'that the world may know' who You are. For your glory. For your name. For your pleasure. For your kingdom!"


Greg Hinnant
Greg Hinnant Ministries

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