"Brethren, I have written a letter unto you." (Hebrews 13:22)

Current Devotional


How Good! How Pleasant!

Every Valley A Fountain

Feeling "Clingy"?

It's Time for This Baptism

Is God's Love Truly Unconditional?

The Holy Spirit Zone

Handling Stress

The Archers and The Plowmen

Open Wide !

The Unrecognized Christ

From Best Friend to Better Friend

Little Trifles and Large Trusts

The Numbers Racket

Leadership or Followship?

Pro Life and Pro Choice

Keep Harping!

Flowing in Jesus

The Surpassing Importance of Testing

Be The Real Deal!

Pagan or Pleasing Worship

A "Jezebel Spirit"?

A Very Timely Message

A God-Listening Heart

Faithful in the Day of Small Things

Coming Up In The World?

God Abusers !

Are You Fixed to The Rock?

The Power of Full Consecration

The Profile of A Prophet

Don't Send Your Regrets

The American Pantheon

About Those Uncomfortable Christmases

God's Jewels

Faithful or False Witnesses?

The Evaluation

The Ropemaker

The Mighty Mantle of Messianic Ministry

The "Knowing" Test

Ministry Assistance Needed!

The End of God's Permissive Will

The Death of Pastoral Expectancy

Herod In Our Midst !

Ministry to Minitudes

The Fruitful Dead

The Atmosphere of The Miraculous

In His Name

The Fire Escape

As Sure As The Dawn

Treading Power

Just What He Said!

Do You Know The Goal?

A Large Lesson For Leaders

The Somebodies and The Nobodies

Pastor, Be Loosed !

Red Light, Green Light

Fools Rush In

Amazing New Glasses !

The Key to Friendship With Jesus

Ignorance is Not Desired!

Creatures of Trust

Those Special Cases

Banning Christian Songs?

A House of Prayer

No Jewish Bridegroom Would

Futile Fruit or Forever Fruit?

Treasure Seed

Heroic Prayer

Real Revival

Walking Instructions

The Head Coverer

God's Immovable Ones

Mission Possible!

Remembering Our Jewish Roots

As We Walk, He Talks

The Door to Abundant Life

Little Millenniums, Large Blessings!

Spiritual Water Lovers

Compassionately Driven

Lawyers Needed!

Prayer Reality Check

Is Jesus in The House?

Deception Alert !

Living in Sin


The Illuminator


Sacrificial Worship


All Rise


Healed by Obedience


Disciple or Deserter?


The Churchgoer's Chant




Need Personal Reviving?


In Whose Image?


A Transformative Resolution


The Unlikely Call of God


A Message for Ministers


How to Hear God's Voice


Heaven-Sent Revival


What Would Jesus Nickname You?


A Perfect Encouragement


The Progression of Persevering Prayer


Grace, Grit, Growth, Glory


The Joy of Committed Disciples


God's Intensive Personal Care


Sing - and He Will Sing to You


The UN is Coming


A Sure Cure


One More Confident Sheep!


Another Trek, Another Test, Another Triumph


Major Repairs Underway


Spiritual Amputation


The Rock Yard and The Winepress




Flow River, Flow!


When God is On The Move


Please Please and Be Pleased


In Fearful Times


As We Return To Our Churches


The Word Snatcher


Princes of The Pit


He Being Dead Yet Speaketh


Finishing Well: In God's Word


To The Lonely


They Are Written!


Not "If" But "When"


New Life, New Way


Launch Day


Solomon Says


Truth or Consequences?


A Word of Guidance


Reward Yourself !


Devotion Plus Discipline = Daniel


Destiny-Determining Decisions


A Faithful Witness


The Last Word


Special Treatment


Using Up The Clock


Spiritual Inattentiveness


Not Getting Your Way ?


The Courageous and The Cowardly


Family Trouble?


Hoping or Knowing?


Survival Supplies


Lust Blindness


Unoffendable, Undisturbable, Undefeatable!


Blessed - Then Immediately Disobedient !


A Simple Solution


Outbreaks And Breakthroughs


Shock Treatment


It's Time to Turn The Page

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