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September 4, 2017


A Word to Those in Hard Tests!

 My Dear Friend,

             I never cease to be amazed at the exquisite timing and intimate care of the Holy Spirit. Just when we're down, and almost out, He brings a Word that saves our day - or life! That is, if we believe and obey His saving insights. 

              Today the matter of long, hard tests of faith is before us. Why does God send or permit them? What heavenly purposes could their hellish pressures possibly serve?

             Enter the Bible! From Genesis to Revelation God's Word answers this vital question. Every book in God's Book describes saints experiencing distress in the very will of God. Abraham's long-delayed fatherhood, Job's inexplicable losses, Joseph's troubled youth, Moses' decades in the desert, David's flight from King Saul, Daniel's dilemmas in Babylon, all these confirm this undeniable truth: God exposes His people to hard tests. Why?

             So we can watch in amazed wonder as He turns all things - even the worst, cruelest, most unjust - for good (Romans 8:28). And for many other reasons. Below I offer just a few of the wonderful things God does as we pass through hard places:        

  • Tested hardly or hardly tested? Psalm 11 says God deeply loves and intently watches believers while leading us through hard tests (11:4-5, 7). But the diabolical pressures serve divine purposes. They fully develop Christ’s life in us; end self and sin’s control; transform spiritual potential into daily reality; lengthen patience; strengthen endurance; thoroughly humble us; give us compassion for sufferers; show the amazing, sustaining power of God’s grace; qualify us for higher service; prove our love for Him; develop vital experiential knowledge; generate new spiritual power; forge leadership qualities; give us moral authority to instruct others; increase our insight into Scripture, God’s plan, our times; induce absolute surrender to Him; let us taste the Spirit’s sweet, personal, timely comforts; give us a testimony; help us finish our testing now, before the Tribulation. When tested long and hard, we want out. That’s only human. But that’s when we must remember, ponder, believe, and confess God’s purposes. Spiritual painkillers, they relieve, revive, and restore us to faithfulness…until God releases us. And remember, Christ is coming for the tested; the Tribulation will test the untested (Revelation 3:10). I’d rather be tested hardly and taken than hardly tested and left behind.

Tested hardly, and thankful for it,

Greg Hinnant
Greg Hinnant Ministries

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