"Brethren, I have written a letter unto you" (Hebrews 13:22).

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January 25, 2021

It's Time to Turn The Page

 Dear Friend,

      American Christians, it's time for us to turn the page. Why? God has turned His. Let me explain.

     Since Roe vs. Wade (1973) the American Church has been calling its own plays and using its own playbook. So shocked were we with the national legalization of murder (abortion) that we decided drastic measures had to be taken.

     We knew the old playbook - utter dependence on God's Word (gospel) and Spirit, and steadfast pursuance of evangelism, teaching (discipleship), and missions - but it didn't seem to be working. It was just too slow. So we turned to another.

     We turned the page from God's methods of changing society to another: aggressive political activism. This new method, we were sure, would lead us to the promised land of a spiritually and morally converted nation. And God let us go our way. Why?

     Sometimes that's the only way we learn things. God points out His way, we object and decline it, and then go our own way - until the time comes when God, in His great mercy, brings it all to judgment, to turn us back to His way. The Bible showcases this.

     David wanted to bring the ark, God's earthly throne, to Jerusalem, God's beloved city. His heart was right. This was a God-goal. But David transported the ark on a cart, not by the holy poles and carriers God clearly appointed in His Word. Where did he get the idea? He had seen the Philistines do it this way.

     Everything seemed to go fine for a while. Uzzah drove the cart, the Levites played and sang, and David rejoiced and danced. The people were delighted, confident all was well. They were doing God's will. Surely He was pleased.

     But He was not pleased. He never approved of the Philistine cart but just delayed showing His disapproval. Finally, David's self-led caravan came to Nacon's threshing floor - a place of judgment, where good wheat kernels are separated from bad chaff - and suddenly, everything fell apart. The cart shook. Uzzah touched the ark - something God's Word solemnly forbade. Uzzah fell dead. The people were shocked, silent, still. Their misdirected parade halted. And David, stunned and offended, began to prayerfully ponder this national conundrum.

     Then God spoke to David, explaining what had happened. David subsequently informed the people that they had attempted to do God's work in man's ways. They had used Philistine methods for a Hebrew work, natural means to reach a spiritual end, a worldly MO to achieve a heavenly goal. Summarizing their sin, he said, "Because we sought him not in the proper way" (1 Chronicles 15:13). How did they respond?

     They didn't rebel, nor fall into discouragement. Instead, they immediately tried again to bring the ark to Jerusalem. But this time, they did everything God's way. The Levites carried the ark, they used the gilded poles, and no one touched the ark, all as God's Torah mandated. God's reaction?

     Pleased, He blessed them. The ark arrived safely in Jerusalem, God-honoring worship followed, David danced with all his might, the Levites sang praises, the people rejoiced, and all was well. Why? His will was done His way.

     Fast-forward 3,000 years. For fifty years now - since the advents of the Moral Majority (1970s) and Christian Coalition (1980s) - we've been trying to use a Philistine cart - aggressive political activism - to change the spiritual and moral culture of our nation. This was a good idea - but not a God idea. We meant well, but all was not well. We wanted to please God, but we displeased Him. Why? We went about His kingdom work in a way He could not bless.

     It all seemed to go so well for decades, as we successfully elected leaders, changed laws, appointed judges, and improved policy. But our method was never God's method. And now, with the last conservative President's administration crashing and burning, and the rankest, morally deluded, biblically illiterate, hate-filled neo-pagans grasping complete power, many are wondering, as David did when Uzzah suddenly fell dead, "What's going on, God? Why have You allowed this?"

     Our politically driven parade was His will - that is, that our nation be converted - but it was not His way. Jesus never preached a political message nor strove for political power. Nor did His apostles. Nor did the early church. Nor did any of the great Spirit-empowered revivalists down the centuries. Please, research this for yourself. Why did they not attempt to use our political "cart"?

     They knew God's old way was, and still is, His only way. The Gospel, the Holy Spirit, the teachings of Christ, His compassionate signs and wonders, the training of Christlike Christians, committed intercessors - these are God's ways to convince cold-hearted unbelievers and transform them into devotionally warm-hearted, sold-out Christian disciples. "Not by [human] might, nor by [human] power, but by my Spirit," is still God's way to build His church-temple. And it remains valid in any time, any generation, any nation.

     God has waited patiently for decades, letting us play this thing out our way. But now our parade has suddenly halted and our playbook failed. God has turned the page and a new day is at hand. Now He will awaken all true Christians and turn us back to the old ways, the Bible way, the Spirit-led, God-dependent, Christlike way. The way the apostles and early church changed their world and countless revivalists changed their cultures. And this time, the ark will get to Jerusalem!

     That is, we will accomplish God's goal. Here, too, we need adjustment. God's goal has never been political control, but the changing of hearts by the power of His Spirit and Gospel across this land. Then political changes follow naturally, but never the other way around. Spiritual renewal always precedes righteous political change. Changed hearts change their values, politics, and policies, but dark hearts vote for dark agendas every time!

     So, God has turned His page. It's time we turn ours. Let's get back to our real mission: not nation building but church building, Bride building, kingdom building - one soul at a time. Like David's peers, let's waste no time.

     Let's restart our ark parade today: living Jesus' lifestyle and values, evangelizing the lost, discipling the saved, supporting missions, answering God's call, exercising our spiritual gifts, finishing the ministries God has given us, and letting God change us as we trust and obey Him in our labors, tests, and sufferings for righteousness' sake.

     Then, together, let's watch Jesus change hearts, lives, families, and regions all over this land - till He comes.


Greg Hinnant
Greg Hinnant Ministries

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