DEVOTIONAL PAGE - "Brethren, I have written a letter unto you" (Hebrews 13:22).

December 3, 2018


That Cursed Sleep !

 My Dear Friend,

     Natural sleep is one of our sweetest blessings. When worn and weary from our day's labors, to be able to lie down and the next morning rise refreshed and restored is a huge blessing: "For the Lord gives sleep to those He loves" (Psalm 127:2, NCV). But there is also a very different, undesirable sleep.

     In Bible symbolism sleep often represents "spiritual apathy" (CJB). In this utterly Christ-indifferent world we must regularly stir ourselves by seeking God, examining ourselves honestly, and bringing our obedience up to speed. If not, spiritual sleep creeps up on us. Scripture warns of this.

     Samson slept in Delilah's lap in fornication when God wanted him living righteously and busily judging Israel. Peter slept in discouragement when Jesus needed him to stand with Him in His vital prayer-watch. Jonah slept in rebellion in the hold of a merchant ship when God had called him to urgently warn Nineveh of impending judgment. Eutychus slept inattentively in a window while history's greatest Bible teacher, Paul, expounded God's Word. And the ten bridesmaids slept in unbelief, imagining the Bridegroom's delay was a denial of His promise to return. All this sleepiness should stir us.

     Are we practicing or condoning immorality in our lives, families, or churches? Then we're sleeping alongside Samson - and about to lose our anointing!

     Are we discouraged by adversities and neglecting our daily prayer-watch? Then we're sleeping with Peter in Gethsemane - and about to be awakened by a rebuke from the Master!

     Are we ignoring a divine call by trying to find meaning in this world apart from a walk and ministry with Christ? Then we're sleeping with Jonah - and about to bring a storm of divine correction on ourselves and our associates!

     Are we paying little or no attention to the excellent Bible teaching our divinely gifted pastors and teachers are giving us week after week? Then we're sleeping with Eutychus - and in danger of falling in the next temptation or adversity we meet!

     Are we doubting this is after all the season of Jesus' return, imagining that because many looked eagerly for Him a generation ago, and He delayed, He will never come? Then we're sleeping with the bridesmaids - and about to be shocked awake by an imminent Midnight Cry and Lamp-Trimming revival!

     Cursed spiritual sleep, whatever your kind, be gone!! Friends, it's time to stir ourselves and shake ourselves until we're free of all spiritual apathy.

Stirring, shaking,

Greg Hinnant
Greg Hinnant Ministries

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