DEVOTIONAL PAGE - "Brethren, I have written a letter unto you" (Hebrews 13:22).

February 9, 2018


Outraged !

 My Dear Friend,

              This title expresses my reaction to prominent evangelical scholars who insist God does not speak to His people today! How arrogant: they can speak, but He can't!

              But don't misunderstand. I affirm Scripture is inspired, infallible, definitive and the only indisputable way God speaks. Yet it is a limited revelation.

             It tells us not to commit fornication or adultery, but not who to marry. It warns us against greed, but doesn't tell us when a better-paying job offer is God's blessing. It charges pastors to "preach the Word," yet does not reveal the text or topic their people need on any given Sunday morning. And If we can't hear from Him, how can we speak for Him? 

            Thus, Scripture is general, God's voice is specific. Scripture is fundamental, God's voice is supplemental. We need Scripture daily, God's voice as needed. This does not diminish the imperative of Bible study and obedience. It just shows we understand God's Scripture and voice compliment, not compete against, each other.

            Our daily experiences are making us cry out, "We need God to speak to our hearts with specific personal guidance, warning, reassurance, or correction," but these theologians won't hear us! Or God, trying to correct them. I hear echoes.

           The hardhearted, blind, nationally respected Jewish leaders ordered the apostles "not to speak at all" in Jesus' name. These evangelical leaders today - though respected by so many - go further: they forbid God to speak! Why? It offends their doctrine! I say their doctrine offends God!

           He who gave us mouths, dare we hush Him? He who made our ears, dare He not use them? He who bled for us, dare any Christian leader cut us off from receiving His delivering messages in desperate moments - by quickened Bible texts, or God's "still, small voice," or a sermon, or a devotional book, or, yes, even prophecy if rendered by a sound, humble prophetically gifted believer? Or by any other means the sovereign Savior may wish to use (cf. 2 Pet. 2:16)?

           Ironically, their audacity is also unscriptural. Jesus spoke to believers often in the Acts, yet these leaders claim He has changed - while they teach, and correctly, Jesus is "the same" yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). I've made my decision.

           I'm praying Samuel's biblical prayer, "Speak Lord; for thy servant heareth" (1 Samuel 3:9, 10); and wise Solomon's plea, "Give ... thy servant an understanding [hearing] heart" (1 Kings 3:9). And I expect to hear His voice.


Greg Hinnant
Greg Hinnant Ministries

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