• Pub Date: October 12, 2019
  • Page Count: 769

"Impossible!" "Indiscernible!" "Too mystical!" "Beyond us!" These are just some of the discouraging comments typically made about the Book of Revelation. Yet every believer, pastor, and scholar needs to understand this vital book that consummates the Bible and all its prophecies. And everyone can - given the right interpretation. This commentary provides it. In lay-friendly terms and with informational entries, thought-provoking footnotes, and inspirational "additional gleanings," it walks the reader through each chapter and verse of John's apocalypse, explaining its context, language, and principles for Christian living. Anyone who reads it with an open mind will come away with a clear, life-changing understanding of John's awesome vision of Jesus, Jesus' timely messages to this Church Age, and the wondrous Kingdom Age and Eternal World yet to come. And, with delight, they will realize Revelation is . . . "Possible!" "Discernible!" "Not too mystical!" "Not beyond our grasp!"

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RevelationNotes: An Inspirational Commentary on the Book of Revelation


“The study of the Scriptures was never intended to solely be an intellectual exercise. Discovering the meaning of the text of scripture was always to be followed by ‘so what now?’ In other words, we are to think through how the text is to be manifested in our lives. Bible prophecy, including Revelation, was not designed to satisfy our curiosities, but to change the way we think, make choices and prioritize our lives TODAY. Greg Hinnant’s study, RevelationNotes, does a great job in answering ‘so what now?’ It would be a solid addition to anyone’s library. Anyone teaching and preaching the Book of Revelation and wanting to take it out of the realm of the theoretical will find this to be so very helpful.”
Dr. Paul Benware
Phoenix, Arizona

“Greg Hinnant always amazes me at the consistently good job he does writing. His books are well researched, outlined, and written in a clear and smooth reading style. I think this new work on the Book of Revelation may be the best that he has done. In many respects it is one of the very best books that I have seen come out on John’s revelation of the coming Christ.”
Dr. Charles H. Gaulden, D.Min.
Professor, Southeastern University

"For many people, the Book of Revelation is mysterious, confusing, and even scary. Because of this, many Christians simply avoid it. What a shame because the first five words of this book are, ‘The revelation of Jesus Christ!’ No book with that introduction can be anything but a message of hope, faith, and power. In his commentary, Greg Hinnant has given us a volume that is based on solid biblical research using accepted sources, but which is also filled with strong Holy Spirit anointed insight and practical application. Both a beginner and a seasoned Bible student will benefit from RevelationNotes. It will be a reference that you will return to time and time again in your study of God’s Word.”
Dr. Mike Chapman
Professor, CLST-Global
Church Revitalization Coordinator
Tennessee Church of God


"Excellent Resource. For the serious student, this is an excellent resource whose author has laid a firm, foundational Scriptural study to accomplish his work. The Word tells to: “Give honor and respect to whom honor and respect is due” ROM. 13:7…We’ll done sir, for surely you shall hear your Lord saying: “Well done my true and faithful servant…”Matt 25:23. God bless you."
United States


“Greg Hinnant’s RevelationNotes is an in-depth study of the last and the most enigmatic book of the New Testament, the Apocalypse of John. Using a meticulous analysis of the biblical text, Greg demonstrates the application of Revelation for the church today. The book is written with an emphasis on approaching the Bible as God’s Word which speaks to and transforms us today. New and seasoned students of Scripture will greatly benefit from this thought-provoking study of the Book of Revelation and its pivotal role in the spiritual formation of God’s people. This book can serve as an effective resource for students, educators, and pastors who desire to examine the multifaceted Book of Revelation in a way that is relevant to modern times. I would highly recommend this work for personal study and practical implementation in the classroom.”
Dr. Igal German
Adjunct Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew
Moody Theological Seminary


“As I dive deeper and deeper with delight into the knowledge and wisdom of God as revealed in your RevelationNotes … my heart moves further and further into the blessedness that comes from fellowship with Him … Words cannot fully express how much your writings are preparing, equipping, challenging, contending, convicting, changing, encouraging me to study, seek, worship, pray, gaze upon, long for and look earnestly for the coming of the bridegroom, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I want to know Him…”
Keran Rees

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"Greg Hinnant offers us an engaging and serious journey through Scripture..." -Dr. Igal German

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"...It will be a reference that you will return to time and time again in your study of God’s Word.” - Dr. Mike Chapman

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