• Pub Date: July 29, 2022
  • Page Count: 441

The second coming of Christ is the most anticipated, consequential, and controversial event since His Ascension. For 2,000 years, it has been loved, hated, dreaded, and ignored. Committed Christians have loved it, sinners have hated it, carnal Christians have dreaded it, and lukewarm Christians have ignored it. Thus, it has been yearned for, mocked, feared, and yawned at, and yet debated ad nauseam. But there it is, in Jesus’ own immortal words, “I will come again!” (John 14:3).

Today a turbulent vortex of confusion and controversy swirls around just what Jesus meant and when He is coming. This powerful new book by Greg Hinnant seeks to quell the controversy and clarify the confusion by setting forth God's biblical prophetic plan for Christ's appearing - the rapture - and the amazing divinely scheduled events that follow on earth and in heaven. It also offers much detailed, practical, biblical teaching on how to be prepared for the rapture. Finally, it closes with a very thorough, informative, concisely written comparison of the major Christian End-Times views.

Many books present biblical prophecies about Christ’s Second Coming, but offer little or no Christian living instructions. Others present excellent Christian living instructions, but do not interpret End-Times prophecy. Rich with abundant prophetic and Christian living instructions, this book is truly unique. You will not find another like it!

Described as “a comprehensive handbook for the preparation of the bride of Christ,” it is a must-read for pastors, leaders, and anyone seriously desiring to be ready when Jesus suddenly appears to receive His church.

What people are saying about

The Second Coming of Christ: His Appearing, His Return, Our Preparation

"The Second Coming of Christ is an excellent book . . . an exhaustive research . . . a balanced perspective concerning the return of Christ and tribulation doctrine. Greg has approached the Second Coming of Christ from every appropriate angle and offers sound wisdom for the church to prepare for this inevitable moment in our future. You will find this book to be sound, conservative and helpful in your personal research of end-time theology."
Phillip Miles, Chairman
Evangel Fellowship International
Conway, South Carolina


"The Second Coming of Christ is perhaps the most thorough and concise thesis, and exegesis of Scripture and thought, on this subject that I have ever read. Greg leaves no stone unturned in examining Scripture to underscore his writing on the subject. I highly recommend this book as a “must read” for every believer, especially in the season we are in."
Dr. Don Vess, D. Min.
Lead Pastor, Destiny City Church, Salisbury, North Carolina
Executive Board, Evangel Fellowship International


"Greg Hinnant offers us an engaging and serious journey through Scripture, unpacking biblical prophecies revealing the truth about the return of Jesus Christ. Greg is a longtime Bible prophecy teacher who has remained a diligent student of Scripture. This book offers a deep, spiritual inquiry into the future from a premillennial perspective."
Dr. Igal German
Moody Theological Seminary
The International Biblical Apologetics Association
Yesod Bible Center


"This brilliantly-written book is the most thorough, biblically-solid exegesis of the Second Coming I have ever read. I have personally been greatly challenged in regard to my own walk with God. This book is a comprehensive handbook for the preparation of the Bride of Christ, a practical guide for walking in true holiness that should be required reading for every born-again believer in Christ. Prepare to be greatly challenged . . . and changed!"
Kirk Dearman
Modern-day psalmist, songwriter, composer, pianist
Writer of the praise classic, “We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise”


"Greg Hinnant is truly a friend of the Bridegroom . . . This book is a wonderful tool for ministers, and every believer, to help prepare the bride church for the Bridegroom’s soon return. Its material concerning the end of this age is well documented and presented in a way that is understandable and encouraging. This book’s release is perfectly timed for these perilous days and for all who love Christ’s appearing."
Thaddeus E. Tankard III, Senior Pastor
Harvest Church
Washington, North Carolina


"Greg Hinnant has provided us with an in-depth study of the Second Coming of Christ. Studying this book will accelerate personal character transformation in us. It will also provide us with reliable answers to questions that many people are asking in these troubled times. This is a vital recommended read for everyone, especially Church leaders."
Dr. Dudley Mayers, Chaplain
Global Chaplaincy Center
Toronto, Canada


"I sat under your teaching of End Times prophecy at Alive Church, and I am currently reading the book you wrote (The Second Coming of Christ). I am thoroughly amazed by the revelations of God's beautiful word . . . I am able to comprehend the truth and the urgency of these truths . . . your teaching is so anointed by the Holy Spirit, I can feel God's presence infusing my soul . . . You are a gifted teacher and author. Thank you for writing the truth and not wavering."
Jennifer Joyce
Bremerton, WA

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"Greg Hinnant offers us an engaging and serious journey through Scripture..." -Dr. Igal German

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