• Pub Date: June 3, 2020
  • Page Count: 266

The Tribulation Story describes in clear, chronological order the unforgettable people and events of the Tribulation, seven years biblically prophesied to complete Israel’s and the world’s histories (Revelation 6-19).

This unique, biblical epic offers striking contrasts: monstrous despots and heroic believers, fearful judgments and rapturous rescues, false prophets and true witnesses, filthy harlots and pure brides, hell’s worst and heaven’s best - a titanic, relentless struggle between God and Satan through human agents unresolved till the last hour of the last day. For seven years the world will experience increasingly frequent and intense birth pangs until, at last, a new, enduring, righteous world order emerges reborn from the ashes of the old - the visible kingdom of Jesus Christ! On this earth! For a thousand years!

But before that warm, brilliant Son-rise, cold, dark wonders are predetermined, so unprecedented, so shocking, so outsized, so fantastic they seem utterly incredible. Yet, oracles of God, they are utterly credible, certain, and near.

With signs of the times everywhere, The Tribulation Story, with its clear biblical instructions for spiritual readiness, is extraordinarily timely. And compelling! It will grip your attention and keep you reading until you fully understand the Tribulation and how to escape it.

What people are saying about

The Tribulation Story: A Story You Need to Read About A Time You Need to Escape


“Without a doubt, people are sensing that our world is under the sway of biblical End-Times prophecies. Recent events have driven people to reconsider these ‘signs of the times’ and take a fresh look at what the Bible says regarding these events. In The Tribulation Story, Greg Hinnant’s passion and scholarship really shines. Many Christians today are woefully uneducated and ignorant of even basic eschatology and the relevance of its impact for our lives. I’m grateful Greg has produced a well-written and well-researched work for both those new to the faith and for veteran believers. I found it to be an excellent and accurate overview of the Book of Revelation. The Tribulation Story is inspiring, enlightening and most importantly, biblically sound. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in God’s plan for the ages!”
Dr. Randal S. Langley, President / CEO
Christian Life School of Theology Global

“The Tribulation Story is a unique chronology of the events prophesied in the Book of Revelation. Greg Hinnant has not only given us a book of in-depth information, he has given us a book of deep Holy Spirit revelation that carries life-changing impartation! It is impossible for anyone, Christian or non-Christian, to read this amazing work and not experience a deep emotional reaction and spiritual resonance in their heart. It will ‘connect the dots’ for many people who have never really understood the Book of Revelation before.”
Dr. John Shiver
John Shiver Ministries

“The Tribulation Story vividly details the horrors of the coming Tribulation period. It is not only based on the Book of Revelation, but also makes extensive use of Old and New Testament Scriptures, including those of many prophets who foresaw this coming time. Jesus challenged Christians to be wise, worthy, watching, faithful, and ready at all times for His return. This book encourages us to learn to more persistently overcome our smaller ‘tribulations’—with God’s grace—in order to be ready to be raptured away to heaven and thereby avoid the Tribulation.”
Dr. Ernst Lutz, Ph.D.


"While The Tribulation Story does not purport to identify precisely the ‘when’ of Christ’s return, it does affirm that the events described in the Book of Revelation are an impending, awesome reality for our generation. Hence, The Tribulation Story is not written to explain prophecy for some distant future, but for our present time. The poignant description of coming events lends assurance to the faithful that God is both sovereign and merciful while beseeching the unfaithful to bow their knee only to the Lord Jesus as the ultimate Victor and King. This book is a call for preparation in the ‘here and now.’"
Dr. Ran Whitley, D.Min., Ph.D.
Professor, Alma Dark Howard Chair of Church Music
Campbell University

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