Since 2001, Dr. Hinnant has developed eight courses as a faculty member of Christian Life School of Theology Global (CLST-G). He teaches these (ten 50-minute lesson) courses on live and video CLST-G campuses and also independently through Greg Hinnant Ministries. 


Peruse the Course Descriptions, Textbooks, and Syllabi / Study Guides to see if one of these courses is timely for you, your church, school, or conference. Links are provided for video samples and information on enrolling at CLST-G to take these courses for college credit.

Understanding and Overcoming Adversity

This course offers life-changing insights on Christian difficulties—the troubles believers encounter due to our faith, righteousness, witness, or ministry. It expounds Jesus’ cryptic warning, “Tribulation or persecution ariseth because of the Word” (Matt. 13:21), and explores how God uses these very adversities to achieve His higher kingdom purposes.

The Book of Daniel

This course describes the life, times, trials, and character of Daniel and the literary work bearing his name. It presents him and his three friends, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah—God’s “faithful four”—as types of overcomers shining in the darkness of apostasy and enduring severe-but-beneficial tests. It also expounds the principal visions and prophecies of the Book of Daniel, linking them to other biblical apocalyptic writings.

A Study of Paul's Epistle to the Colossians

This study examines Colossians’ key subjects: Christ’s multifaceted preeminence, the Colossian heresies, the Colossian church’s condition, Christian circumcision, our presentation in heaven, Paul’s reason for writing the epistle, his situation, his character, his profound prayers, his ministry associates, his urgent call to seek things above, his prophetic reference to Christ’s appearing, and his considerable practical instructions. Thus it demonstrates this epistle is polemical, philosophic, personal, prayerful, practical, prophetic, and pointing—urging us to focus on Christ and heavenly things.

The Second Coming of Christ

Christ’s Second Coming is both consequential and controversial. Yet Jesus plainly promised, “I will come again” (John 14:3). The crucial questions, then, are: when will He come, how will He come, who will be ready, and what will follow His coming? This course advocates a partial (select), pre-Tribulation, pre-Millennial rapture of the church as the first phase of Christ’s two-part Second Coming. The textbook details 18 unprecedented signs of the times that confirm Jesus’ appearing is near. The course materials emphasize prophecy and preparation equally, offering expositions of many biblical prophecies and in-depth instructions for spiritual readiness. The textbook closes with a very informative, concisely written comparison of all the major Christian End-Times views.

A Study of Paul's Epistle to the Philippians

This study examines Philippians’ key truths. It illuminates Christ’s wondrous kenosis, Paul’s Christlike heart, his self-emptying, his new goals, our high calling, Jesus’ interests, unity, the Philippians’ outstanding faithfulness, and how to “stand fast” in Christ—prayerful, peaceful, thoughtful, obedient, content, perfectly positive, and sure Christ will provide—until He comes.

Bible Discipleship

This course sets forth the main spiritual disciplines (ways or paths of living) that make up the lifestyle (way) of Christianity.  Profusely illustrated with biblical examples, it presents the original and still authoritative pattern of a “disciple indeed” (Jn. 8:31)—a deeply serious, irrevocably committed, student-follower of Jesus Christ.

Pearls of Wisdom from The Proverbs

This course is an in-depth exposition of twenty selected proverbs of divine wisdom touching on a broad range of timelessly vital subjects—motives, conscience, attitudes, speech, laziness, parenting, judgment, gifts, teaching, leadership, faithfulness, and so forth—and a full application of their principles and practical lessons to Christian thinking, living, and ministry. 

A Biblical Study of Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

For the Church’s strength, sanctity, and preparation for the Lord’s appearing, it is vital that all believers—and especially ministers—understand the Bible’s general perspectives and specific commands regarding marriage, divorce, and remarriage. Using both topical and expository formats, this course expounds relevant Old and New Testament scriptures and applies them to a wide array of potential marital scenarios, in order to clarify what God wills, permits, commands, and recommends.