• Pub Date: August 12, 2021
  • Page Count: 588

The Old Testament is richly laden with prophecies and foreshadowing's of the last days. Having never researched its treasures, however, many Christians possess a lopsided, exclusively New Testament understanding of End-Times prophecy. The Day of the Lord Commentary meticulously examines every Old Testament text foretelling or foreshadowing the dramatic people and events that consummate God’s prophetic plan, terminate this world order, and inaugurate Christ’s unprecedentedly righteous, peaceful, worldwide kingdom on earth.

Only the Bible, accurately interpreted, establishes accurate End-Times views. This commentary’s abundant, biblical cross-references lay a deep, broad foundation for a clear, accurate eschatology. It will amaze you how often, and how specifically, Old and New Testament prophets agree. All see the same final events, and in the same order: Tribulation, Armageddon, Millennium! This in-depth study gives special attention to the Old Testament’s less-known “little apocalypses” in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and Zechariah, and identifies their many links to John’s well-known apocalypse, Revelation. Soundly refuting Supersessionism, it explains why God has regathered the Jews, reestablished the State of Israel, and preserved it against all odds: Israel’s Day of the Lord is coming!

What people are saying about

The Day of The Lord Commentary: Interpreting Old Testament End-Times Prophecy


"Greg Hinnant's monumental work, The Day of the Lord Commentary, is a must-read for anyone interested in the final summation of End-Times events. Greg takes the reader on an extraordinary journey through the Old Testament with three-dimensional glasses that allow one to see direct references and indirect typology concerning the great drama of redemption as it moves to its conclusion. This may be the foremost study of its kind on this topic."
Dr. Charles H. Gaulden,
Old Testament Professor
Southeastern University

"It is exceptionally common in eschatological study to focus almost exclusively on the New Testament, yet such an approach ignores Paul's admonition that all scripture is inspired (2 Timothy 3:16-17). The Day of the Lord Commentary provides a systematic overview of important references to the impending Day of the Lord found throughout the Old Testament, and weaves these prophetic expectations into one seamless tapestry throughout the whole Bible."
Dr. Ran Whitley, DMin, PhD,
Campbell University

"Throughout the history of the church, the various views of Israel and the Jewish people have been controversial and divisive, from the view that the church has completely replaced Israel in God's plan to outright anti-Semitism. My friend and colleague, Rev. Greg Hinnant, has explored the details of this issue in the Old Testament text from Genesis to Malachi, providing his usual thorough scholarship with great skill as a writer and teacher ... All will agree that The Day of The Lord Commentary is a masterful work of biblical exposition."
Dr. Larry K. Asplund,
Director of Internships
Regent University School of Divinity

"Though a Bible student all my life, certain passages remained obscure and confusing. The Day of the Lord Commentary has changed all of this, as these formerly confusing passages have now come alive. This book's depth and insight into the Old Testament is astounding. How Greg was able to mine through all the rock and rubble of confusing Bible prophecy to access these precious stones of biblical revelation is truly a gift. This work is a must-read for all who desire a deeper understanding of God's Word and a valuable resource for ministers, to shed light and understanding on the gospel message we proclaim.
Sherri Leith, Senior Pastor"

Family Worship Center
Port Orchard, Washington
"The Day of the Lord Commentary provides an in-depth study of biblical eschatology. Using a detailed comparative analysis of the eschatological oracles scattered throughout the Hebrew Bible, Greg lays out a theological roadmap for understanding God's plan for Israel and the nations. This book, written from a Christian perspective, tackles some of the most intriguing End-Times prophecies recorded in Israel's sacred scriptures. Pastors, preachers, and Bible teachers will greatly benefit from this thought-provoking volume.
Dr. Igal German, Founding Director"

Yesod Bible Center
International Biblical Apologetics Association (bibleapologist.org)
"Our cherished friend and Bible scholar, Greg Hinnant, has truly gifted the Body of Christ with this significant work. In an era in which many have abandoned or ignored Old Testament prophetic truths, Greg has chosen to lead us back into the full revelation of End-Times understanding, which can only be interpreted in light of the entire biblical narrative from Genesis to Revelation. His scholarship is stellar and we commend him for this most important contribution for teaching and training kingdom-minded leaders.  I am not aware of any other works that cover this content with such depth or scholarly execution. As such, this commentary may well become a mainstay in the libraries of Bible colleges and seminaries in the days to come."
Dr. Randal S. Langley, President
Christian Life School of Theology Global

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